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P&H Sea Kayaks

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PH Aries
The Aries is ideal for anyone looking for a versatile, lightweight and stable kayak to explore the c..
PH Bahiya
Long and sleek the classic lines of the Bahiya hold your course and eat up the miles efficiently. ..
PH Capella Glass
The mainstay of the P&H range has all of the design characteristics expected of a classic Britis..
PH Cetus
Fast paced and responsive and really easy to carve and turn, this is the middle ground for those who..
PH Delphin
The most exciting thing to happen to Sea Kayaking in years! This new PH Delphin turns traditional..
PH Delphin Surf
The P&H Delphin turns traditional sea kayak design on its head and challenges many preconceived ..
PH Hammer
The P&H Hammer is a radical new kayak primed to take ‘play the sea’ and river exploration to a w..
PH Orion
This is the legendary design by Derek Hutchinson featured in his adventures and books. It is an extr..
PH Quest
Refined over the years, P&H designers have excelled both the performance and spirit of the Quest..
PH Scorpio
Just like its composite brother the Scorpio provides a very efficient hull shape that is super stabl..
PH Sirius
If you’ve got the experience the Sirius is a lively ride that will tackle anything you will. The low..
PH Vela
The Vela is a big surprise in a small package. Short, yes, but we've worked our magic and developed ..