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Jackson Kayaks

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Jackson Kayak 2013 Star Series Club
Our most popular playboat of all time still available to everyone!- Those who want to make their pla..
Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo
Good things come in 2’s: The Dynamic Duo is a movement, a team sport, and makes paddling with your i..
Jackson Kayak Fun Series
This boat started off with great genealogy, and got a lot of extras in the evolution process. The ba..
Jackson Kayak Junior Fun
Fun 1 - Start your kid out at age 2 or 3? Why not? Water wings, floating circles, and other pool toy..
Jackson Kayak Karma
Jackson Kayak’s Fourth Generation Creek Boat in the past 9 years takes a big leap forwards. The Karm..
Jackson kayak Karma Unlimited
The Karma Unlimited The Unlimited version of the Karma fine-tun..
Jackson Kayak Rock Star
Presenting the all new Rockstar is our best full-on play boating design yet!  Built shorte..
Jackson Kayak Rogue
One boat with two distinctly different personalities. Designed to be the quiver of one for the paddl..
Jackson Kayak Shooting Star
"Dynamite comes in small packages" This is true for the Shooting Star. No longer do you have to be a..
Jackson Kayak Zen 2013
Whitewater paddlers have been asking for a "true" river running boat from JK for a long time and now..
Jackson Zen 2015
What happens when you morph the best of the Karma creek boat with the Best of the original Zen river..
JK Happy Feet Footbag
Tuck your feet into our bean bag and get them super comfy, then close the valve and you have your fo..
JK Happy Seat
The Happy Seat is an inflatable bladder that goes under your legs just in front of your existing sea..
JK Happy Seat/Thruster Combo
The Happy Seat/Happy Thruster Combo is the ticket for any playboater looking to improve their ride s..
JK Happy Thruster
The Happy Thruster is an addition to the Happy Seat, made to use together. The Happy Thuster slides ..
JK Sweet Cheeks 200
What makes Sweet Cheeks so special? The Sweet Cheeks form fits around your rear end to make a perfec..